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At Rejuvence Medical in partnership with UK Medicare Screening Ltd. we are able to offer a same day blood test service. We offer a huge range of blood tests with results available on the same day with our premium service.

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At Rejuvence medical we offer a comprehensive range of services. Included in this is our Medical Service. If you need a medical check up completed for the purposes of work or travel don’t hesitate to contact us to get a fantastic and professional service at an affordable price. We have a team of experienced doctors and nurses who are very familiar in completing a range of medicals.

Taxi Medicals

Black cab, mini cab and Uber drivers are required by law to have regular medical checkups completed. Our senior GP at Rejuvence Medical has completed hundreds of taxi medicals. We have extensive experience in providing this service. We are always thorough and extremely careful to ensure we conduct these medicals ethically and professionally.

If you require a taxi medical do not hesitate to call us and book an appointment at Rejuvence Medical.

Upon arriving at your appointment please ensure that you have brought a full copy of all of your medical notes. Please be aware that it will not be possible to complete your medical unless we have a full copy of all of your notes at the appointment. NHS GPs are extremely overworked and busy with the demands of a busy practice. Often they do not have the time or resources to provide this service for those listed on their practice. However they will be more than happy to provide a full copy of all of your medical notes. Please bear in mind that you do need to give them adequate time in order to process your request such that you are able to bring this to your taxi medical appointment.

Work & Corporate Medicals

A number of different industries and workplaces require a medical check up prior to starting work with them. At Rejuvence medical we have a team of doctors and nurses that will be more than happy to complete a corporate work medical for you. Our prices are extremely competitive and we will arrange all necessary further investigations that are required as part of this medical.

Prior to attending the clinic for your medical please ensure that you bring all the necessary paperwork and the relevant forms. Please also try to bring a complete and full copy of your medical notes kept with your GP practice. Please ensure you provide your GP with adequate time to process your notice request. If you require further help with this please do not hesitate to contact us.

Visa Medicals

When moving abroad for work a number of countries require specific medical checkups to be completed. At Rejuvence Medical we will do our best to provide an efficient and affordable service. We can arrange for all necessary blood tests and investigations required for the purposes of your Visa medical. In addition we can also provide a large number of vaccinations that may be required as part of the emigration process.

Please ensure you bring all the necessary documentation and forms that are needed in order to complete the Visa medical. It will also be necessary for you to provide us with a copy of your passport as well as bring the original. This is necessary for the purposes of completing the Visa medical process.

Occupational Health Medicals

On starting work in the healthcare sector it is often necessary to provide your employer with evidence of your occupational health status. If you need to provide up-to-date occupational health status including evidence of immunisations against Hepatitis B, TB, measles, mumps and rubella we can help to arrange for all the necessary blood tests and antibody antigen testing. At Rejuvence Medical we can arrange for occupational health screening at extremely competitive prices.

Please ensure you bring all documentation and forms that need to be completed including evidence of all previous occupational health screening that you have had and any vaccinations that you have had in the past.

We are also able to provide all occupational health and associated vaccinations for immunisation purposes. Our prices are extremely competitive. Contact us now to book an appointment or use our online booking portal.